Cause Analysis Of Surface Fatigue Failure Of Koyo Bearing
Cause Analysis Of Surface Fatigue Failure Of Koyo Bearing
Problems Needing Attention When Selecting Skf Imported Bearings
Problems Needing Attention When Selecting Skf Imported Bearings

Troubleshooting And Inspection Methods Of Iko Imported Bearing

Troubleshooting And Inspection 

IKO imported bearing is an important part of major industrial equipment. Bearing problems can lead to expensive downtime, And Inspection equipment damage and failure. In addition, large industrial bearings represent a large amount of capital investment.

In order to achieve high equipment performance, low maintenance cost and reliable operation, correct treatment methods must be And Inspection followed. This includes bearing storage, removal, cleaning, inspection and installation.

The service life of any IKO imported bearing depends largely on its receipt for maintenance and service. This is especially true in industrial applications, where And Inspection working conditions are often poor, loads are heavy, and dust and pollution are common.

It is applicable to the design of all anti friction bearings. IKO imported bearings are stored with special anti-corrosion coatings. Bearings can be selected, but And Inspection most bearings are not made of anti-corrosion materials.

Care must be taken when handling and storing bearings to ensure that they do not rust or corrode. Even wet or unprotected And Inspection relationships left by the hands or a small amount of chemical gloves can lead to etching in a small area, which may cause bearing fatigue.

Troubleshooting And Inspection Methods Of Iko Imported Bearing

New and modified IKO imported bearings are delivered with protective coating,

usually in a protective cover paper or other packaging, and And Inspection transported in a carton or wooden box. When a new or modified bearing is received, it is not packed until ready for installation in the application.

Do not store directly on the And Inspection cement floor, where condensate can be collected and bearings. Trays or bearings on store shelves, where bearings are not subject to high humidity or sudden and violent temperature changes that may lead to condensation formation.

Always put oil paper or, if not, plastic cloth in the roller and tapered roller bearing cup competition.

Each type of IKO imported bearing design has a unique removal And Inspection process. Regardless of the bearing type, the bearing must be removed with special care. Improper operation may damage bearings, shafts or housings and require expensive maintenance.

For smaller bearings, a coachman can help remove the bearings, etc. For places equipped with close fit, or pressed, or locked on a shaft, the bearing puller cannot be And Inspection removed mechanically, and the inner ring of the bearing can be heated to reduce relocation.

Heat lamps or other heating equipment can be used. If a torch is used, it will change the properties of bearing steel and the bearing must be discarded.

First loosen the locking screw on the eccentric sleeve of fag bearing in Germany with an Allen wrench, then insert a small iron rod into the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve of the top cover, and loosen the eccentric sleeve against the rotation direction of the shaft.

Many people use improper installation methods in the installation of bearings, resulting in the damage of fag bearings in Germany. So how to install the bearing correctly? I hope you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the installation and disassembly of bearings:

For the bearing ring with clearance fit, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of anti creep corrosion agent on the mating surface to prevent friction corrosion between the mating surfaces.

390000 series outer spherical bearings fix the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft through the eccentric sleeve, and the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve plays a fastening role.

During the maintenance, many operators cannot disassemble and assemble this German fag bearing, so it is necessary to introduce the technical points and precautions for disassembling and assembling 390000 series outer spherical bearing:

Correct installation is very important for the use of fag bearings in Germany. I hope you can use the correct installation method in the future.

During installation, mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods can be selected according to its type and size. The force exerted on the bearing during installation must not be transmitted from one bearing ring to another

German fag bearing ring through the rolling element, otherwise the raceway may be damaged. However, under no circumstances can the bearing ring, cage, rolling element or seal be directly knocked.