Adjustment And Pre Tightening Of Clearance Of Rolling Bearing
Adjustment And Pre Tightening Of Clearance Of Rolling Bearing
Cleaning, Overhaul And Damage Analysis Of Timken Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Cleaning, Overhaul And Damage Analysis Of Timken Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Maintenance And Solution Of Installation Stability Of Thrust Ball Bearing

Stability Of Thrust Ball Bearing

When inspecting the removed thrust ball bearing during the regular maintenance and operation of Timken bearing equipment and the replacement of peripheral parts, it is necessary to judge whether the secondary bearing parts can be reused and record the good or bad use.

Also carefully investigate and Of Thrust Ball Bearing record the removed bearings and appearance. In order to find out and investigate the remaining amount of lubricant, the bearing should be well cleaned after sampling.

Secondly, check the raceway surface, rolling surface and mating surface of the bearing and the wear state of the cage for damage and abnormalities, especially observe the running track of the raceway surface.

Whether the bearing can be reused shall be determined after Of Thrust Ball Bearing considering the damage degree of thrust ball bearing, machine performance, importance, operating conditions, inspection cycle, etc.

According to the inspection results, if the bearing is damaged or abnormal, please find out the causes and formulate Of Thrust Ball Bearing countermeasures according to the phenomenon of bearing damage.

In addition, according to the inspection results, if there are the following defects, Timken bearing can no longer be used and needs to be replaced with a new bearing.

It may not be necessary to use high-pressure grease when greasing anti friction bearings, unless it is used with great caution. High pressure can damage the bearing and waste grease.

Excessive grease causes high temperature, brings danger and creates an invisible environment around the bearing. In most applications, ball or roller bearings can be fully lubricated if the grease level accounts for one-third to one-half of the bearing capacity. The excess will usually be discharged by the sealing shell and wasted.

Maintenance And Solution Of Installation Stability Of Thrust Ball Bearing

1. Are there any requirements for the installation surface and installation site?

If foreign matters such as iron filings, burrs and dust enter the thrust ball bearing, the bearing will produce noise and vibration during operation, and even damage the raceway and rolling element. Therefore, before installing the bearing, you must ensure that the installation surface and installation environment are clean.

2. Must the bearing be cleaned before installation?

The bearing surface is coated with antirust oil. You must carefully Of Thrust Ball Bearing clean it with clean gasoline or kerosene, and then apply clean, high-quality or high-speed and high-temperature lubricating grease before installation and use.

Cleanliness has a great impact on Timken bearing life and vibration and noise.

However, we would like to remind you that there is no need to clean and refuel the fully enclosed bearing.

3. How to choose grease?

Lubrication has a very important impact on the operation and service life of bearings.

Here is a brief introduction to the general principles of selecting grease. Lubricating grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The performance of different kinds and different brands of lubricating grease of the same kind varies greatly, and the allowable rotation limit is different. Be sure to pay attention to it when selecting.

The performance of grease is mainly determined by base oil.

Generally, base oil with low viscosity is suitable for low temperature and high speed; High viscosity is Of Thrust Ball Bearing suitable for high temperature and high load.

The water resistance of thickener determines the water resistance of grease.

In principle, greases of different brands cannot be mixed, and even greases with the same thickener will have bad effects on each other due to different additives.

4. When lubricating bearings, the more grease, the better?

When lubricating bearings, the more grease the better, which is a Of Thrust Ball Bearing common misconception.

Excessive grease in thrust ball bearing and bearing chamber will cause excessive mixing of grease, resulting in extremely high temperature.

5. How to install and remove?

During installation, do not directly hammer the end face and non stressed surface of thrust ball Of Thrust Ball Bearing bearing, and use pressure block, sleeve or other installation tools to make the bearing bear uniform stress.

If the mounting surface is coated with lubricating oil, the installation will be more smooth.

If the fit interference is large, put the bearing into mineral oil and heat it to 90 ~ 100 ℃ before installation. In case of difficulty in disassembly, it is recommended that you use the disassembly tool to pull outward and carefully pour hot oil on the inner ring. The heat will expand the inner ring of Timken bearing and make it easier to fall off.