Repair Method Of Lubricating Ntn Bearing
Repair Method Of Lubricating Ntn Bearing
Causes Of Fag Imported Bearing Heating And Simple Maintenance MethodsCauses Of Fag Imported Bearing Heating And Simple Maintenance Methods
Causes Of Fag Imported Bearing Heating And Simple Maintenance Methods

Rust Prevention And Maintenance Methods Of Fag Imported Bearings

Rust Prevention And Maintenance 

Rust prevention and maintenance method of NSK bearing

1. Immersion method: NSK Prevention And bearing is immersed in antirust grease and a layer of antirust grease is adhered to its surface. The thickness of oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of antirust grease.

2. Brush coating method: it is used for NSK Bearings or bearings with special shapes that are not Prevention And suitable for soaking or spraying. During brush coating, attention should be paid not only to avoid accumulation of antirust oil, but also to prevent missing coating.

3. Spray method: some large NSK bearings can not be oiled with immersion method. Generally, the filtered compressed air of about 0.7Mpa pressure is used for spraying in the clean air area. Spray method is suitable for solvent dilution antirust oil or thin layer antirust oil, but must adopt perfect fire protection and labor protection measures.

The cleanliness of the bearing has a great impact on the service life of NSK bearing. We have Prevention And conducted a special test for this purpose, and the result is that the difference is several times or even dozens of times. The higher the cleanliness of the bearing, the longer the service life.

The test shows that the lubricating oil with different cleanliness has a great impact on the service life of the ball bearing. Therefore, improving the cleanliness of lubricating oil can prolong the service life of NSK bearing. In addition, if the dirt particles in lubricating oil are controlled below 10um, the service life of bearing will increase several times.

Rust Prevention And Maintenance Methods Of Fag Imported Bearings

1. The test results of our test center show that

the cleanliness seriously affects the vibration level of the bearing, especially in the high frequency band. The bearing with high Prevention And cleanliness has low vibration speed, especially in high frequency band.

2. The influence of dust in NSK bearing grease on noise has been Prevention And tested. It is proved that the more dust, the greater the noise.

3. Influence on lubrication performance the decline of NSK bearing cleanliness not only affects the formation of Prevention And lubricating oil film, but also causes the deterioration of lubricating grease and accelerates its aging, which affects the decline of lubricating performance of lubricating grease.

1. If the imported bearing is well lubricated and correctly blocks sundries and moisture, it means that the oil seal should not be Prevention And worn However, when opening the bearing housing, check the bearing and regularly check the oil seal

Check the condition of oil seals near the bearing to ensure that they are sufficient to prevent hot liquid or corrosive liquid or gas from penetrating into the bearing along the axis. If the oil seal is worn, replace it as soon as possible

2. High temperature often indicates that the bearing is in abnormal condition High temperatures are also harmful to lubricants in bearings

Sometimes the overheating of imported bearings can be attributed to the lubricant of the bearings If the bearing operates for a long time at a temperature of more than 125 ℃, the service life of the imported bearing will be reduced

The causes of high-temperature imported bearings include insufficient or excessive lubrication, magazine in the lubricant, excessive load, bearing damage, insufficient clearance, high-temperature friction caused by oil seal, etc

3. Check the condition of the machine in operation and monitor it to avoid equipment shutdown