Characteristics And Application Area Of Ntn Self-Lubricating Bearing
Characteristics And Application Area Of Ntn Self-Lubricating Bearing
Maintenance Of Iko Bearing
Maintenance Of Iko Bearing

Precautions For Ina Bearing Damage Analysis And Maintenance

Bearing Damage Analysis 

Not all damaged I bearings can be repaired, but for each damaged bearing, before considering repairing or replacing a new bearing, the cause and degree of damage must be evaluated to avoid or reduce further damage.

There are many causes of bearing damage, such as improper installation, dirt intrusion or moisture intrusion, which are common causes of early bearing damage. Analysis of common damage causes of INA Bearing and corresponding preventive measures to prolong the service life of INA Bearing.

A. Improper operation:

Improper installation, operation or disassembly may cause deformation or damage to the cage

Precautions: use appropriate operation, installation and disassembly tools

B. Insufficient lubrication:

Insufficient or improper lubrication may result in component scratch Bearing Damage or serious bearing deformation 

Preventive measures: improve the lubrication system and supplement or replace the lubricant regularly and properly

C. Rust and corrosion:

Contact with water may cause corrosion and rust of bearing Bearing Damage elements. Rusted and damaged bearings may cause spalling during operation

Preventive measures: check the seal regularly to ensure good sealing effect and store INA Bearing correctly

Precautions For Ina Bearing Damage Analysis And Maintenance

D. Current:

Energizing the INA Bearing while rotating may cause grooves or nicks. When the bearing is stationary, improper grounding of electrical operation will cause slight burns

Precautions: before welding components other than INA Bearing, reduce or avoid current through the bearing through appropriate grounding connection

E. External materials:

Abrasive particle contamination and debris intrusion may cause wear, scratches and dents on the working surface of INA Bearing

Precautions: remove invading particles and debris, change lubricant and check sealing system

F. Eccentricity:

Eccentricity, inclination or excessive load may lead to geometric stress concentration or surface spalling

Precautions: accurately machine ina bearing seat and shoulder

During the periodic maintenance and operation of INA Bearing equipment and the replacement of peripheral parts, when the search and inspection of the disassembled bearing is Bearing Damage suspended, it is necessary to judge whether the secondary INA Bearing parts can be reused and record the good or bad application conditions.

Secondly, check the raceway surface, rolling surface and joint surface of INA Bearing and the wear condition of the confrontation frame for damage and abnormal conditions. In particular, check the running track of the raceway surface.

To judge whether the bearing can be used again, we should think about the level of bearing damage, mechanical function, priority, operation premise, search and inspection cycle, etc.

Search and inspection results. If ina bearing is found to be damaged and abnormal, please find out the notice and formulate countermeasures according to the phenomenon of bearing damage.

In addition, the search and inspection results show that if there are the following defects, the bearing can no longer be used. It is necessary to replace the INA Bearing with a new one.