Maintenance Skills Of Matching Lubrication Of Ina Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Maintenance Skills Of Matching Lubrication Of Ina Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Effect Of Lubricating Grease On Noise Of Ina One-Way Bearing
Effect Of Lubricating Grease On Noise Of Ina One-Way Bearing

Precautions For Lubrication Maintenance And Inspection Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

According to different uses, it is necessary to select specially designed bearings with requirements on accuracy, Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing clearance, cage structure, grease and so on. However, there is no certain order and rules for the selection of NTN bearings.

Priority should be given to the conditions, performance and related matters required by self-aligning ball bearings, especially practical. As long as the bearings in order to maintain the original performance as intact as possible, they should be maintained and maintained in front, so as to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation,

improve productivity and economy. Corresponding mechanical Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing operation and maintenance operation standards, regular operation and maintenance conditions.

This includes monitoring the operation status, replenishing or changing lubricants, and regular Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing inspection and removal. As a problem of maintenance operation, bearing rotation sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication conditions, etc

Maintenance and judgment of bearing: determine whether it can be used to check the bearing after cleaning and remove the bearing. Check the raceway, raceway, Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing surface condition, cage wear, NTN bearing clearance and improvement of dimensional accuracy,

irrelevant damage and abnormality. Non separable small ball bearing, inner ring, support level with one hand, rotate the outer ring to confirm smooth. Self aligning ball bearings and other separable bearings can roll the body, and the outer race raceway surface has been inspected.

For large bearings, because they cannot rotate by hand, pay attention to check the raceway, cage and wall of the rolling element, such as Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing appearance. For the importance of higher bearings, they should be checked more carefully.

Precautions For Lubrication Maintenance And Inspection Of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

The first inspection of the bearing on the environment should be in the light environment,

which is the astigmatism, so as to better observe the appearance of the bearing on the surface and there are no cracks and other Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing abnormalities. In the process of cloud like mechanical wear, scratches and touch pressure,

the bearing equipment will cause displacement, resulting in poor equipment position, resulting in flat shape, load and stress concentration of self-aligning ball bearing, reducing accuracy and service life.

Never mix incompatible greases. If two incompatible greases are mixed, their consistency will soften, and NTN bearings may be damaged due to easy loss of grease.

If you don’t know what kind of Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing grease was originally used in the bearing, you must completely remove the old grease inside and outside the bearing before adding new grease.

It is mainly distinguished according to temperature and working conditions: grease can be classified according to their allowable working temperature. The consistency and lubrication ability of grease are affected by the working temperature.

For self-aligning ball bearings operating at a certain temperature, grease with correct consistency and good lubrication effect at the same temperature must be selected. Ntn Self-Aligning Ball Bearing Grease is made in different working temperature ranges,

which can be roughly divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature grease. At the same time, there is a kind of grease called extrusion resistance or extrusion resistance, and molybdenum disulfide is added. At the same time, additives are added to strengthen the strength of lubricating oil film.

If the grease is selected incorrectly, all measures to prevent self-aligning ball bearings are also futile. It is very important to select a grease whose base oil viscosity can provide sufficient lubrication effect at the working temperature. The viscosity is mainly affected by the temperature.

It decreases with the increase of temperature and increases when the temperature decreases. Therefore, the base oil viscosity at operating temperature must be known. Machinery manufacturers usually specify the use of a certain grease, but most standard greases have a wide range of applications.

In addition to paying special attention to the pollutants in the working environment or water, which may lead to the rusting of self-aligning ball bearings, rust is the cause of bad NTN bearing installation, and early wear will lead to more serious waste. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the moisture in water, of course.