The Causes Of Defects In Bearing Surface Grinding Are Analyzed
The Causes Of Defects In Bearing Surface Grinding Are Analyzed
How To Install Thrust Bearing Correctly
How To Install Thrust Bearing Correctly

Analysis: Key Technology And Process Of Bearing Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

1. Main raw materials: super high molecular polyester carborane polymer resin; Nano molybdenum disulfide; Antirust and oil absorbing nano groups; Micro PTFE and other mixture nano powder. All the above raw materials are independently developed by our institute and can be produced in small quantities in the laboratory

2. Purpose: improve the anti rust ability of bearing surface; Reduce the coefficient of surface friction; Surface Treatment Comprehensive friction and wear resistance.

3. Suggestions for use:

1) Remove the antirust oil on the bearing surface. 1 Mix the industrial high efficiency degreasing powder Surface Treatment developed by us with water at the rate of 1% to 3%, put the bearing ring into the liquid, heat it to 70 ℃ to 85 ℃ and soak it for 30 minutes (intermittent stirring is required),

stop heating, immerse the bearing ring in water one by one until it is self cooled to about 40 ℃, and brush it Surface Treatment with a brush. In particular, the working spherical surface of the bearing should be brushed several times. During brushing, the bearing ring cannot leave the water surface Note:

this liquid can be reused after Surface Treatment removing the oil droplets floating on the water surface; 2. Rinse twice with water at about 40 ℃, and the two rinsing waters can be reused; When the oil is heavy, brush twice with 3% proportion and reconstituted cleaning solution;

2) Use lm-1198a super concentrated cleaning solution to remove the Surface Treatment lubricating oil immersed in the microporous depth of the bearing phosphating layer, so as to make room for the resin replaced with molybdenum disulfide Press 0 for specific usage.

The proportion of 5% is mixed with water and the cleaning agent is Surface Treatment heated to 85 ℃ to 99 ℃ (the dripping cleaning agent can be connected and reused after removing the oil beads floating on the surface after cooling).

The bearing workpiece is soaked in Surface Treatment the cleaning agent and washed with a brush once, and then rinsed with clean water at a temperature of more than 70 ℃.

Analysis: Key Technology And Process Of Bearing Surface Treatment

3). Put the bearing ring with basically empty and dry water into the oven for 60 degrees / 10 minutes,

and then adjust it to 110 degrees / 10 minutes to take it out; The removed bearing ring replacing high temperature is easy to rust. Treatment method: quickly pour it into the sealing barrel, spray a little anhydrous ethanol (industrial alcohol) while pouring it,

pour a layer of ring and spray a thin layer of alcohol (don’t spray too much), seal the cover of the sealing barrel, store the bearing ring in the sealing barrel and take it after self cooling. It is stored in a sealed barrel to prevent rust.

Take it out only when coating is required. Take as much as you want and apply it while taking it, or immerse it in the coating or spray it. As long as the bearing ring is coated with glue, it will not rust.

After removal, the barrel cover shall be sealed in time to minimize the contact of the bearing ring with air. According to the local environmental humidity or sealing conditions, it can be stored for 3-6 days without rust.

4. Basic principle: use the resin with low surface energy to immerse the above nano materials into the cracks and surface phosphating film pores or gaps on the shallow surface of the bearing due to pure fire and stamping, and fully fill them.

Only under the microscope can you see the vertical and horizontal “gullies” on the bearing surface, so as to achieve the purpose of rust prevention and wear resistance.

In the surface treatment process of the bearing, it is generally used to immerse the bearing into the working surface instead of functional nano materials, so that its comprehensive properties

such as rust prevention / corrosion prevention / wear resistance (prolonging service life) / low friction coefficient / high temperature resistance / thermal expansion, contradiction balance between precision and gap, etc.

are greatly improved, and the contradictory quality indexes are well balanced. This process is one of the key technologies for bearing quality.