Introduction To Common Damage Causes Of Koyo Bearing
Introduction To Common Damage Causes Of Koyo Bearing
Correct Maintenance Methods Of Koyo Bearings
Correct Maintenance Methods Of Koyo Bearings

Performance Characteristics Of Nsk Bearing High Temperature And High Speed Grease

High Temperature 

High temperature and high speed NSK bearing grease: high temperature thickener thickenes synthetic oil and adds multi effect additives. It is a high-quality grease that maintains normal working condition in high temperature environment for a long time.

Performance characteristics:

With smooth structure, fine fiber and high cleanliness, it can inhibit the abnormal sound of NSK bearing during operation and meet the long-term operation High Temperature requirements of high-speed NSK bearing with DN value of more than 500000.

Excellent high and low temperature resistance, lubricity, good colloidal stability and mechanical stability.

Performance Characteristics Of Nsk Bearing High Temperature And High Speed Grease

Strong water resistance, can withstand water washing, and maintain hardness in a wide High Temperature temperature range. It has excellent oxidation resistance and wear resistance, so that its service life is very long, and its service life is 5-10 times that of lithium grease.

High temperature bearing capacity and high-speed shear resistance make it able to cope with high-temperature and high-speed environment.

The service temperature range is – 40 ~ 230 ℃, and it can reach 250 ℃ in a short time.

Recommended applications:

It is suitable for the lubrication of precision NSK Bearings, motor NSK Bearings and micro NSK Bearings in high and low High Temperature temperature environment.

It is suitable for the lubrication of various high-speed NSK Bearings, high-speed long-life gyro motors, high-speed grinders and other high-speed instrument and mechanical NSK Bearings.

Correct maintenance methods of Koyo bearings

How To Clean Imported Bearings With Hot Oil?

First of all, the spindle Koyo bearing in the spindle shall be fully lubricated during operation, and the lubricating oil shall be added regularly according to the actual use condition.

The oil shall not be cut off for a long time. Therefore, users and enterprises should choose better and more appropriate spindle lubricating oil. The new special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance,

prolong the oil change cycle, prolong the service life of spindle and Koyo bearing, and also has good anti rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Secondly, there are about 150000 varieties and specifications of Koyo bearing products imported from the world. The service temperature of Koyo bearing with reinforced nylon cage should be lower than 120 ℃, and oil boiling and cleaning are strictly prohibited.

In addition, attention should be paid to the maintenance and cleaning of the spindle to prevent damage and scratch on the roller surface. To remove the residue of Koyo bearing as much as possible, it is better to wash and suck the residual oil inside the spindle foot.

Pay attention to avoid using dumping type to accumulate cleaning waste and leave it on the Koyo bearing, resulting in noise, wear and failure of Koyo bearing.