Analysis Of Iko Lubrication Technology For Needle Roller Bearing
Analysis Of Iko Lubrication Technology For Needle Roller Bearing
Iko Plane Bearing Noise Inspection And Maintenance
Iko Plane Bearing Noise Inspection And Maintenance

Extend The Service Life And Maintenance Of Ina Combined Bearing

Ina Combined Bearing

After the ina combined bearing is installed, if the alignment is not carefully carried out, the alignment may cause the ina combined bearing to suffer additional load, friction and vibration.

These may accelerate fatigue and reduce the service life of bearings, and may damage the service life of other machine parts. In addition, increased vibration and friction may greatly increase energy consumption and the risk of premature failure.

In order to give full play to the bearing and maintain its due performance for a long time, regular maintenance (regular inspection) must be done. Through proper regular inspection, it is very important to find faults early and prevent accidents before they happen, which is very important to improve productivity and economy.

1. Cleaning

When the ina combined bearing is disassembled for inspection, the appearance record shall be made by photography and other methods. In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

a. The cleaning of bearings is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, and a metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the container.

b. During rough cleaning, use a brush to remove grease or adhesion in the oil. At this time, if the ina combined bearing is rotated in the oil, pay attention to the damage to the rolling surface due to foreign matters.

c. During fine cleaning, rotate the bearing slowly in oil and carry out it carefully.

The commonly used cleaning agent is neutral water-free diesel oil or kerosene, and sometimes warm lye is used as needed. No matter what kind of cleaning agent you use, always filter it and keep it clean.

Extend The Service Life And Maintenance Of Ina Combined Bearing

2. Inspection and judgment

In order to judge whether the removed ina combined bearing can be reused, its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring should be emphatically checked.

3. Basic condition monitoring

During use, the basic external conditions of American ina combined bearing operation should be monitored frequently, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurement.

These regular inspections will identify potential problems as soon as possible, prevent unexpected machine stoppage, realize the production plan and improve the productivity and efficiency of the plant.

4. Re lubrication

In the process of operation, the bearing requires correct re lubrication to perfect its performance. The methods of bearing lubrication are divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication.

In order to make the bearing function well, first of all, choose the lubrication method suitable for the use conditions and purposes. If only lubrication is considered, the lubricity of oil lubrication is dominant. However, grease lubrication has the advantage of simplifying the structure around the bearing.

5. Remove

When the bearing will reach its final service life, it should be replaced. Although the bearing can no longer be used, correctly removing the original ina combined bearing and replacing the new bearing in time can play a good role in prolonging the service life of the new ina combined bearing.

First, the proper unloading method and the use of tools will help prevent damage to other machine components. Second, incorrect unloading technology may cause harm to the operator.