Precautions For Ina Bearing Damage Analysis And Maintenance
Precautions For Ina Bearing Damage Analysis And Maintenance
Precautions For Skf Imported Bearings
Precautions For Skf Imported Bearings

Maintenance Of Iko Bearing

Maintenance Of Iko 

In order to give full play to IKO bearing and maintain its due performance for a long time, regular maintenance (regular inspection) must be carried out. Through proper regular inspection, it is of great significance to find faults early and prevent accidents before they happen, which is of great significance to improve productivity and save costs.

(1) Cleaning

When disassembling the IKO bearing for maintenance, first Maintenance Of record the bearing appearance and confirm the residual amount of bearing lubricant.

After sampling and checking the lubricant, clean the IKO bearing. Generally, kerosene or gasoline can be used, and sometimes Maintenance Of warm lye can be used as needed. But no matter what kind of clarifier you use, you should always filter it and keep it clean.

 IKO bearing cleaning is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning. Put the metal mesh pad on the bottom of the container Maintenance Of respectively, so that IKO bearing does not directly contact the stolen goods in the container.

 during rough cleaning, use a brush to remove grease or adhesive in the oil. At this time, if the IKO bearing is rotated in oil, pay attention to the damage to the rolling surface of IKO bearing due to foreign matters.

 during fine cleaning, rotate IKO bearing in oil for a long time, and Maintenance Of clean it carefully while rotating the bearing.

 after cleaning, apply antirust oil Maintenance Of or antirust grease on IKO bearing immediately.

Maintenance Of Iko Bearing

(2) Inspection and judgment

In order to judge whether the Maintenance Of removed IKO bearing can be used, its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, rolling surface, cage and sealing ring should be emphatically checked.

The inspection results can be judged by those who are experienced or proficient in IKO bearings. The judgment criteria vary according to mechanical properties, importance and inspection cycle. IKO bearing shall not be reused and must be Maintenance Of replaced in case of the following damage.

 fracture and defect of IKO bearing parts.

 peeling of raceway surface and rolling surface.

 other serious damages such as IKO bearing damage examples.

First loosen the locking screw on the eccentric sleeve of fag bearing in Germany with an Allen wrench, then insert a small iron rod into the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve of the top cover, and loosen the eccentric sleeve against the rotation direction of the shaft.

Many people use improper installation methods in the installation of bearings, resulting in the damage of fag bearings in Germany. So how to install the bearing correctly? I hope you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the installation and disassembly of bearings:

For the bearing ring with clearance fit, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of anti creep corrosion agent on the mating surface to prevent friction corrosion between the mating surfaces.

390000 series outer spherical bearings fix the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft through the eccentric sleeve, and the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve plays a fastening role.

During the maintenance, many operators cannot disassemble and assemble this German fag bearing, so it is necessary to introduce the technical points and precautions for disassembling and assembling 390000 series outer spherical bearing:

Correct installation is very important for the use of fag bearings in Germany. I hope you can use the correct installation method in the future.