Installation Method Of Ntn Bearing
Installation Method Of Ntn Bearing
Common Problems And Countermeasures In The Use Of Iko Bearing
Common Problems And Countermeasures In The Use Of Iko Bearing

Maintenance, Judgment, Cleaning And Replacement Of Koyo Bearing


Cleaning of Koyo bearing: when removing the Koyo bearing for maintenance, first record the Judgment appearance of the Koyo bearing, confirm the residual amount of lubricant, and wash the Koyo bearing after sampling the lubricant for inspection.

As a cleaning agent, gasoline and kerosene are commonly used. The cleaning of the removed Koyo Judgment bearing is divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning. They are placed in the container respectively.

First, put the metal mesh bottom so that the Koyo bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the Judgment container. During rough cleaning, if the Koyo bearing rotates with dirt, the rolling surface of the Koyo bearing will be damaged, which should be paid attention to.

In the coarse cleaning oil, use a Judgment brush to remove the grease and adhesion. After it is roughly clean, turn to fine cleaning. Fine cleaning is to carefully clean the Koyo bearing while rotating in the cleaning oil. In addition, the cleaning oil should always be kept clean.

Maintenance and judgment of Koyo bearing: in order to judge Judgment whether the disassembled Koyo bearing can be used, it shall be checked after the Koyo bearing is cleaned.

Check the state of raceway surface, rolling surface and mating surface, the wear of cage, the increase of Koyo bearing clearance and the damage related to the decline of dimensional accuracy. For non separable small ball Koyo bearing, support the inner ring horizontally with one hand and rotate the outer ring to confirm whether it is smooth.

Maintenance, Judgment, Cleaning And Replacement Of Koyo Bearing

Tapered roller bearing and split Koyo bearing can inspect the raceway surface of rolling element and outer ring respectively.

② Because large Koyo bearings cannot be rotated by hand, pay Judgment attention to the appearance of rolling elements, raceway surfaces, cages, edge retaining surfaces, etc. the higher the importance of Koyo bearings, the more careful the inspection is.

The judgment of whether Koyo bearing can be reused (replacement of Koyo bearing) is determined by considering the damage degree, mechanical performance,

importance, operating conditions and the period until the next maintenance of Koyo bearing. However, if there are the following defects, it can no longer be used, and the Koyo bearing must be replaced with a new one:

(a) Cracks or notches on any one of the inner ring, outer ring, rolling element and cage;

(b) Any one of the ferrule and rolling element is broken;

(c) There is significant jamming on the raceway surface, retaining edge and rolling body;

(d) Significant wear of cage or significant relaxation of rivets;

(e) There is rust and damage on the raceway surface and rolling element;

(f) There are serious indentation and indentation on the raceway surface and rolling element;

(g) There is obvious creep on the inner diameter surface of the inner ring or the outer diameter surface of the outer ring;

(h) Obvious discoloration caused by heat;

(i) The damage of Koyo bearing, sealing ring or dust cover sealed with grease is obvious.