Identify Timken Bearings By Sound
Identify Timken Bearings By Sound
Noise Analysis Of Ntn Bearing Raceway
Noise Analysis Of Ntn Bearing Raceway

Installation Of High Speed Precision Iko Bearing

Installation Of High Speed 

High speed precision IKO bearings are mainly used in high-speed Installation Of rotating occasions with light load. IKO bearings are required to have high precision, high speed,

low temperature rise, low vibration and certain service life. It is often Installation Of used as the support of high-speed motorized spindle. It is the key kit of high-speed motorized spindle of internal surface grinder.

Main technical indicators:

1. IKO bearing accuracy index: exceeding grade P4 accuracy in GB / 307.1-94

2. High speed performance index: DMN value 1.3 ~ 1.8x 106 / min

3. Service life (average): > 1500 H

The service life of high-speed precision IKO bearing is closely related to installation, and the following matters should be paid attention to

Installation Of High Speed Precision Iko Bearing

1. IKO bearings shall be installed in a clean room without dust. IKO bearings shall be carefully Installation Of selected and matched. Spacer rings for IKO bearings shall be ground. On the premise of maintaining the equal height of inner and outer spacer rings, the parallelism of spacer rings shall be controlled below 1um;

2. IKO bearing shall be cleaned before installation. During Installation Of cleaning, the inner ring slope shall be upward, and the hand shall be flexible without stagnation. After drying, put the specified amount of grease. If it is oil mist lubrication, put a small amount of oil mist oil;

3. IKO bearing shall be installed with special tools with uniform Installation Of stress, and it is strictly prohibited to knock;

4. IKO bearings shall be stored in a clean and ventilated manner Installation Of without corrosive gas, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 65%. For long-term storage, they shall be regularly rustproof.

Noise analysis of NTN bearing raceway

Application Scope Of Fag Bearing Cross Roller Bearing

Raceway noise is a kind of stable and continuous noise excited by the rolling body rolling in the Installation Of raceway when the NTN bearing rotates. People pay attention to it only when its sound pressure level or tone is very large.

In fact, the sound energy excited by the raceway sound is limited. For example, under normal conditions, the high-quality 6203ntn bearing raceway sound is 25 ~ 27db. This kind of noise is typical of single row deep groove ball NTN bearing under radial load. It has the following characteristics:

A. noise and vibration are random; b. The vibration frequency is above 1kHz; c. No matter how the Installation Of rotating speed changes, the main frequency of noise is almost unchanged, while the sound pressure level increases with the increase of rotating speed;

d. When the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increases sharply; e. When the rigidity of NTN bearing pedestal increases, the lower the total sound pressure level is, even if the speed increases, the total sound pressure level does not increase much;

f. The higher the viscosity of lubricant, the lower the sound pressure level, but for grease lubrication, its viscosity and the shape and size of soap fiber can affect the noise value.

The rolling sound is caused by the natural vibration of the ferrule after being loaded. The elastic contact between the ferrule and the rolling body constitutes a nonlinear vibration system.

When the lubrication or machining accuracy is not high, the natural vibration related to this elastic feature will be excited, and when it is transmitted to the air, it will become noise. As we all know, even if the contemporary superb manufacturing technology is used to process NTN bearing parts,

there will always be varying degrees of small geometric errors on the working surface, resulting in small fluctuations between the raceway and the rolling body and exciting the natural vibration of the vibration system.

Although the raceway noise of NTN bearing is inevitable, the correct selection of NTN bearing and accurate use of NTN bearing can reduce noise and vibration when adopting high-precision machining of parts’ working surface.