Correct Use Of Timken Bearing Grease To The Cause Of The Noise
Correct Use Of Timken Bearing Grease To The Cause Of The Noise
Matters Needing Attention And Maintenance Methods During The Use Of Fag Bearing
Matters Needing Attention And Maintenance Methods During The Use Of Fag Bearing

Methods Of Regular Inspection And Maintenance Of Ntn Bearings

Maintenance Of Ntn Bearings

Regular inspection of the bearing is a very important work to maintain the bearing in good Ntn Bearings condition, which can also reflect the discovery of problems. Matters needing attention and relevant knowledge about bearing in use.

First of all, we want to emphasize that it is very important to keep NTN bearings lubricated and clean. Therefore, before we inspect the NTN bearing, we should first clean the surface of the NTN bearing, and then disassemble the parts around the bearing.

It should be noted that the oil seal is a very fragile part, so you need to be extra careful during inspection and disassembly. Do not apply excessive force to avoid damage to the parts. Then carefully check the oil seal of NTN bearing and its surrounding parts.

If there are bad symptoms, be sure to replace it. The bad oil seal will cause damage to the bearing, make the cloud shape of NTN bearing abnormal and cause the shutdown of the equipment.

Secondly, we should also check the lubricant of NTN bearing. Lubrication is very important, not only for NTN bearings, but also for all bearings. However, please note that NTN bearings should not be greased too much.

The inspection method for NTN bearing lubricant is as follows:

Rub with a little lubricant between your fingers. If there are pollutants, you can feel them; Or apply a thin layer of lubricant on the back of Ntn Bearings the hand, and then conduct light sealing inspection.

Then it’s time to change the lubricant of NTN bearing.

Methods Of Regular Inspection And Maintenance Of Ntn Bearings

After draining the old engine oil, if possible,

the NTN bearing lubricated with engine oil should be filled with fresh engine oil and let the machine rotate at low speed for a few minutes. Make the oil collect residual pollutants as much as possible, and then drain the oil. Note: the engine oil is filtered before use.

For NTN bearings lubricated with grease, when changing the grease, the arbor used should avoid connecting the angle of cotton to any part of the bearing. Because these residual fibers may wedge between rolling parts and cause damage, especially in the application of small bearings.

After that, it should be noted that the exposed NTN bearings are covered.

When inspecting NTN bearings, never expose the bearings to pollutants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine shall be covered with oil paper, plastic sheet or similar materials.

In order to judge whether the removed NTN bearing can be reused, its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring should be emphatically checked.

The inspection results can be Ntn Bearings judged by those who use inertial bearings or are proficient in bearings.

The judgment criteria vary according to mechanical properties, importance and inspection cycle. In case of the following damage, NTN bearing shall not be reused and must be replaced.

a) Fracture and defect of bearing parts.

b) Stripping of the rolling surface of the raceway surface.

When removing the NTN bearing for inspection, first make appearance records by photography and other methods. In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

a. The cleaning of NTN bearing is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, and the metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the container.

b. During rough cleaning, use a brush to remove grease or adhesion in the oil. At this time, if the bearing is rotated in oil, pay attention to the damage to the rolling surface due to foreign matters.

c. During fine cleaning, rotate the NTN bearing slowly in oil and carry out it carefully.

The commonly used cleaning agent is neutral water-free diesel oil or kerosene, and sometimes warm lye is used as needed. No matter what kind of cleaning agent you use, always filter it and keep it clean. After cleaning, apply antirust oil or antirust grease on NTN bearing immediately.