Common faults and necessary remedial measures of Timken thrust ball bearing
Common faults and necessary remedial measures of Timken thrust ball bearing
What precautions should be taken to prevent Timken rotary table bearing configuration operation
What precautions should be taken to prevent Timken rotary table bearing configuration operation

Industrial Grain -Bearing

  • In general, when the rolling element (ball or roller) is allowed between the inner and outer rings of the rolling bearing, a certain space must be reserved between the rolling element and the inner and outer rings. This is because:Industrial Grain –Bearing
  • When installing the bearing, if the inner ring and the shaft adopt interference fit, the inner ring will expand and the inner ring raceway will expand at the same time;Industrial Grain -Bearing
  • If the outer ring and bearing seat also adopt interference fit, the outer ring raceway will shrink.Industrial Grain -Bearing
  • In either case, the game will be reduced. Therefore, if the bearing before installation does not have a certain clearance, negative clearance will be generated after installation. The rolling body (ball or roller) inside the bearing will bear additional load, increase friction torque and temperature rise, and make the bearing bite or damage prematurely. 
  • Moreover, when the bearing rotates, the rolling temperature is higher than that of other parts, and its thermal expansion will also reduce the clearance. Therefore, the bearing is also required to have a certain clearance.Industrial Grain -Bearing
  • But it doesn’t mean that the larger the clearance, the better. If the clearance is too large, vibration and noise will be generated when the bearing rotates, and the load distribution inside the bearing will deteriorate, resulting in early damage. Therefore, the clearance must be appropriate and appropriate.Industrial Grain -Bearing
  • When the bearing has internal clearance, if the inner ring is fixed, the outer ring will be in a multi degree of freedom movable state. According to its movement direction, the clearance can be mainly divided into radial clearance, axial clearance and angular clearance. 
  • The geometric relationship of these three clearances is determined by the internal size of the bearing. In addition, the clearance also determines the contact angle of the steel ball in the bearing.Industrial Grain -Bearing
  • Mechanical knowledge is complex and diverse. A small part will have great functions and many classifications. Such as bearings. As long as the rotating equipment is inseparable from the bearing, it is known as “industrial grain”.Industrial Grain -Bearing
  • For people who are often in contact with machinery, we all know that the role of bearings can not be underestimated. The relevant knowledge and functions of bearings are inevitable in our work and life. Here is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of bearings.Industrial Grain -Bearing

What is a bearing?Industrial Grain -Bearing

  • Compared with large machinery, bearing is a small part, but it plays an important role.
  • It is mainly used to fix and reduce the load friction coefficient in the process of mechanical transmission. When other parts move relative to each other on the shaft, the bearing can be used to reduce the friction coefficient in the process of power transmission and keep the central position of the shaft fixed. According to the different friction properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.
  • According to the different functions, designs and functions of bearings, there are many types of bearings, including needle roller bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, thrust bearings, pedestal bearings, joint bearings, combined bearings, rolling mill bearings, etc. Different bearings have different functions and play an important role in different mechanical equipment.
  • Code of bearing
  • A complete bearing code is composed of basic code and one or more supplementary codes. The basic code is used to indicate the type of bearing, the basic design of bearing and the overall dimension of bearing. The supplementary code refers to the components of the bearing and the variants with different structures or other characteristics from the basic design.


Industrial Grain -Bearing

Double row angular contact ball bearing

  1. self aligning ball bearing
  2. Self aligning roller bearing, thrust self-aligning roller bearing
  3. tapered roller bearing
  4. double row deep groove ball bearing
  5.  thrust ball bearing
  6. deep groove ball bearing
  7.  angular contact ball bearing
  8.  thrust cylindrical roller bearing
  9. N cylindrical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings or multi row cylindrical roller bearings are represented by the letter NN
  10. U outer spherical ball bearing
Industrial Grain -Bearing