Under What Circumstances Do Timken Bearings Take Supplementary Lubrication To Avoid Heating Failure
Under What Circumstances Do Timken Bearings Take Supplementary Lubrication To Avoid Heating Failure
Troubleshooting Of Fag Bearing
Troubleshooting Of Fag Bearing

How To Choose The Lubrication Mode Of Ina Bearing

Choose The Lubrication Mode 

There are two ways to choose ina bearing lubrication: oil lubrication and grease lubrication. These two lubrication methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Generally, rolling ina bearings are lubricated with grease. Its advantages mainly include:

The design is very simple

Grease can play a great sealing role

Low maintenance cost and long service life

Under normal working and Choose The environmental conditions, grease may achieve “lifelong lubrication”. If under high load conditions (speed, temperature, load), the grease must be changed regularly.

In order to change the grease, it is necessary to set up pipes to supply and discharge the grease and collect the used grease Choose The collector. For the occasion of changing lubricating grease in a short period, necessary pumps and valves for injecting lubricating grease shall be set.

How To Choose The Lubrication Mode Of Ina Bearing

Oil lubrication

When the mechanical parts near ina bearing have been lubricated with oil or need to be dissipated by lubricating oil, INA Bearing shall be lubricated with oil. When ina Choose The bearing is under heavy load or high speed, or there is external heat transfer, there may be heat dissipation requirements.

The micro lubrication method, such as oil drop lubrication, oil mist lubrication or oil-gas Choose The lubrication, can ensure that the oil stirring loss and ina bearing friction are very small.

When air is used as a carrier, it can directly supply oil and make the air flow contribute to sealing.

Ina bearing can spray a large amount of lubricating oil directly to all contact surfaces where the rotating speed is very high and Choose The good cooling is required.

Troubleshooting of fag bearing

Maintenance Of Iko Bearing

Each type of fag bearing is envisaged to exist in a common removal process. For smaller Choose The bearings, once the coachman can help remove the bearings, etc. If the operation is not proper, it can protect the bearing, shaft or shell, which requires noble repair.

Therefore, a small amount of profit was injected into heavy and light industry. When absorbed into a once new or reformed bearing, it is not packaged until the preparatory device is in use. This is especially in the use of light industry. It is often a task. The environment is stubborn, the load is heavy, and dirt and purification are rare.

Heat lamps or other heating Choose The facilities can be used. Even wet or unprotected contact with the hands or a large number of chemical boxers can lead to seal cutting in a small sea area, which can lead to bearing fatigue. With regard to the installation of close cooperation, or press,

or have been locked in the center of the shaft, there is no machine to remove the bearing puller, and the inner ring of the bearing can be Choose The heated to aggravate the relocation. If once the torch, it will change the function of bearing steel and the bearing must be abandoned.

The service life of any fag bearing is largely derived from the absorption of its protection and maintenance. Fag bearings have special anti-corrosion coatings for selection, but most bearings do not have anti-corrosion materials.

Bearing performance can lead to noble downtime, facility protection and problems. This includes bearing storage, cleaning, Choose The cleaning, testing and devices. The idea of anti conflict bearing is practical for all.

There is no sea area where the bearing will be subjected to high humidity or sudden and violent measurement changes, which can lead to condensation. Without the type of tube bearing, the bearing must be removed especially inadvertently. There is no need to store it indirectly on the lime ground, where it can condense water collection and bearing.

In order to achieve high facility function and low protection profit and operate reliably, accurate solutions must be followed. The bearings being handled and stored must be handled carelessly to ensure that they will not rust or corrode.

Set up and reform fag bearings, which are delivered with protective insulation layer. Generally, they are covered with paper or other packaging at one time, and are transported in suitcases or wooden cases at one time.

Always put bamboo paper or maybe, if not, plastic cloth in the race between roller and tapered roller bearing cup. Tea trays or bearings on store shelves fag bearings are a major component of once minor light industrial facilities.