Inspection And Maintenance Points Of Timken Bearing Grease Stability
Inspection And Maintenance Points Of Timken Bearing Grease Stability
The Importance Of Using Lubricant Correctly For Skf Bearing Operation
The Importance Of Using Lubricant Correctly For Skf Bearing Operation

The Importance Of Selecting Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grease For Stability

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grease 

1. Antirust performance

The antirust agent is insoluble in water and has good adhesion. It can form an oil film on the surface of steel.

2. Mechanical stability

If the mechanical stability of the Ball Bearing Grease grease is not enough, the structure of the soap of the grease will be mechanically disintegrated during operation, resulting in the destruction of the grease and loss of lubrication.

3. Oil seal

Oil seal is a necessary barrier to protect deep groove ball bearing and lubricant from external Ball Bearing Grease pollution. During the operation of Timken bearing, no matter sundries or moisture can penetrate into Timken bearing to prevent damage to it.

4. Mixed grease

Do not mix incompatible oils and fats. If two incompatible oils and Ball Bearing Grease fats are mixed, their consistency will soften, and Timken bearing may be damaged due to easy loss of grease.

5. Classification of oils and fats

The consistency and lubricating ability of grease are affected by the working temperature. Timken bearings operating at a certain Ball Bearing Grease temperature must choose grease with correct consistency and good lubricating effect at the same temperature.

In general, the filling amount of grease in the deep groove ball bearing always exceeds the actual demand for direct lubrication. It is on the holder and in the cavity of the bearing cover, and forms a contour on the periphery of the rolling element. During this process, the bearing temperature rises rapidly due to the resistance of excess grease.

Although most of the excess grease is squeezed out at the initial stage of operation, and the grease squeezed in the accessories of the raceway may still be brought into the raceway by the rotating rolling element. In the initial stage of the bearing, most of the grease is quickly squeezed out of the raceway (less than one minute),

and the accumulated grease is discharged in a small amount while circulating with the rotating body of the bearing. At this time, the bearing temperature continues to rise until all the excess bearing grease is Ball Bearing Grease discharged, which can be called the running in stage of grease.

According to the quality and filling amount of grease in Timken bearing structure, this period may last for Ball Bearing Grease more than ten minutes or even several hours.

The Importance Of Selecting Deep Groove Ball Bearing Grease For Stability

After the remaining bearing grease is completely discharged,

the remaining small amount of Ball Bearing Grease grease forms a thin layer of grease film on the mutual contact surface of rolling element, raceway and cage through the action of wedge, so as to enter the normal stage of bearing. At this time, the temperature gradually decreases and reaches equilibrium.

In other words, the long-term lubrication mainly depends on this layer of grease film. In addition, during the long-term operation of the bearing, the lubricating grease on the contour near the rolling element and raceway and

on the cage will shrink and separate part of the base oil, which will also supplement the lubrication after Ball Bearing Grease flowing into the raceway.

Different bearing greases form different contours in the bearing. The contour must be formed. It is quite draft, the running in time is short, and the bearing temperature is low and stable in long-term operation. This is an ideal grease, so it is particularly important for the channelization of the grease.

Some so-called vortex type greases are not the case. They are not easy to form a contour. Even if the contour is formed, they are easy to collapse.

At this time, the excess grease returning to the raceway repeatedly is in the condition of forced stirring for a long time. Timken bearing has large torque, high temperature and imbalance, which may also produce noise, and the grease is easy to deteriorate and lose.