Failure Prediction And Prevention Of Iko Outer Spherical Bearing
Failure Prediction And Prevention Of Iko Outer Spherical Bearing
Precautions For Use Of Fag Tapered Roller Bearing Lubrication Device
Precautions For Use Of Fag Tapered Roller Bearing Lubrication Device

Lubrication Points Of Fag Linear Bearing During Operation

Fag Linear Bearing 

When mixing two incompatible oils, never mix incompatible oils. Usually, the consistency will become soft, Fag Linear Bearing and then it will be damaged due to the loss of grease. If you don’t know what kind of grease you used for fag bearing, first remove all the original grease, and then add a kind of grease for lubrication.

In the process of using linear Fag Linear Bearing bearings, we often encounter such situations. How these situations are formed and how to solve them when they are formed have always been a headache for technicians in major enterprises, The following is a detailed introduction to the causes and solutions of overheating of fag bearing in use:

the instantaneous high temperature in the grinding area can make the surface heated to a certain depth (10 ~ 100nm) higher than the Fag Linear Bearing tempering heating temperature of the workpiece. When the austenitizing temperature is not reached, with the increase of the heating temperature,

the surface layer by layer will produce the microstructure transformation of re tempering or high-temperature tempering corresponding to the heating temperature, and the hardness will also decrease. The higher the heating temperature, the more Fag Linear Bearing severe the decrease of hardness.

In grinding, the contact area between grinding wheel and workpiece consumes a lot of energy and generates a lot of grinding heat, resulting in local instantaneous high temperature in the grinding area. It can be found that the instantaneous temperature in the grinding area can be as high as 1000 ~ 1500 ℃ in 0.1 ~ 0.001ms.

Such instantaneous high temperature is enough to make the surface layer at a certain depth of the working surface produce high-temperature oxidation, amorphous structure, high-temperature Fag Linear Bearing tempering, secondary quenching, and even burn cracking.

Lubrication Points Of Fag Linear Bearing During Operation

Under the action of instantaneous high temperature,

the steel surface reacts with oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin Fag Linear Bearing (20 ~ 30nm) thin layer of iron oxide. It should be noted that there is a corresponding relationship between the thickness of oxide layer and the total thickness of surface grinding metamorphic layer.

This shows that the thickness of oxide layer is directly related to the grinding process and is an Fag Linear Bearing important symbol of grinding quality.

The grease used in fag bearings has rust resistance. The antirust performance mainly depends on the solubility of the grease. The grease formed by different viscosity and different data has different levels of anti volume and antirust performance.

Generally speaking, the grease with high viscosity and poor fat solubility has better waterproof performance. Even if the grease is filled with Fag Linear Bearing water in the linear bearing cavity, it can form a layer of oil film on the surface of steel.

Due to the low rotation speed of bicycles, the choice of grease can be relatively high in viscosity, but it has strong water resistance. Because bicycles often deal with water in car washing, rainy days and off-road, which makes the water resistance very important.

Even slightly viscous grease will not affect the smoothness under low rotation. Once oxidation damage is formed on the surface, Then the whole peeling process and aging process will intensify rapidly.

Precautions For Use Of Fag Tapered Roller Bearing Lubrication Device

Preventive Measures For Better Maintenance Of Ina Angular Contact Ball Bearing

During bearing installation, Fag Linear Bearing mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods can be selected according to its type and size. However, under no circumstances can the tapered roller bearing ring, cage, rolling element or seal be directly knocked.

The force exerted on fag bearing during installation must not be Fag Linear Bearing transmitted from one bearing ring to another through the rolling element, otherwise the raceway may be damaged.

First of all, there are two oil tank equipment, one for use and one for standby. They are switched regularly. The standby oil tank is cleaned, the oil is heated and precipitated, and the purified oil is separated from water.

2、 A degassing plate in the oil return area shall be set in the oil tank to reduce the impact of refueling; Magnetic grid device – adsorption of iron mechanical Fag Linear Bearing impurities in oil return area; Floating oil suction port – oil suction at an appropriate position below the liquid level;

Automatic drainage device or flooding alarm device – discharge the precipitated and separated water in time; Dynamic liquid level control – alarm or interlock for sudden large amount of oil leakage.

3、 The filtering accuracy of oil supply is high. Generally, the filtering accuracy is required to reach 10 ~ 20 μ M to ensure the cleanliness of oil products.

4、 The oil supply pressure shall be kept constant, and the working pressure control device of the lubrication system shall have high sensitivity and accuracy to avoid working pressure drop due to pressure change, resulting in insufficient oil supply of local lubrication system and wear and sintering of oil film fag bearing.

5、 The volume of the oil tank shall be 35 ~ 40 times of the displacement per minute of the oil pump, and some shall be even larger. Under the condition of high oil level operation, ensure that the oil stays in the oil tank for a long enough time.

6、 The pressure tank in the lubrication system must operate normally, control the reasonable oil filling flow value and liquid level in the tank, and play a part in buffering the pressure fluctuation of the system and the supply of emergency oil source.

7、 The oil supply temperature shall be controlled between 40 ± 2 ℃ to ensure the viscosity of the oil supply.

8、 The filter must exhaust the residual air in the filter cylinder before switching the tapered roller bearing.

For clearance fit tapered roller bearing rings, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of anti creep corrosion agent on the mating surface to prevent friction corrosion between the mating surfaces.

Correct installation is very important for the use of fag bearings. I hope you can use the correct installation method in the future.