Several Methods Of Bearing Rust Prevention
Several Methods Of Bearing Rust Prevention
Installation Of Rolling Bearing During Heating
Installation Of Rolling Bearing During Heating

Causes And Prevention Of Corrosion Of Imported Bearings

Corrosion Of Imported Bearings

Causes and prevention methods of imported bearing corrosion imported bearing corrosion is caused by various internal and external factors, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Metal surface finish (oxygen concentration difference, battery corrosion).

2. Chemical composition and structure of metal materials.

3. Solution composition and pH value in contact with metal surface;

4. Ambient temperature and humidity.

5. Various environmental media in contact with metal surface.

6. In addition, human sweat is also the cause of bearing corrosion. Its pH value is 5 ~ 6. Therefore, in order to prevent corrosion caused by hand sweat, installation and production personnel should wear gloves and do not touch the imported bearings casually.

Apply antirust oil to prevent SKF Bearing from rusting

1. Immersion method: some small imported bearings are immersed in antirust grease, and the oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or Corrosion viscosity of antirust grease. A method of adhering a layer of antirust grease to its surface.

2. Brushing method: when brushing, pay attention to apply evenly on the surface of the imported bearing, do Corrosion not accumulate, and pay attention to prevent missing coating. 

After a motor with large vibration was disassembled, the grease in the bearing turned silver gray (originally milky white). What problem caused it? Is it normal for the bearing grease to change color? What color is it normal for the grease to change? To what extent is normal Some bearing grease is also discolored,

from milky white to brown, and the discolored part is around the rolling element. What is the reason? If it turns silver gray, it is caused by tight fit, small clearance and large friction, but the outer ring of the same bearing runs Why?

Causes And Prevention Of Corrosion Of Imported Bearings

3, spray method:

some large rust preventive substances are not suitable for immersion oil coating, generally use about 0.7Mpa pressure of filtered compressed air in the air clean place spraying. Spray method is suitable for solvent dilution antirust oil or thin layer antirust oil. This method must adopt perfect fire prevention and labor protection measures.

Pretreatment method for rust on SKF Bearing Surface:

1. Surface cleaning: cleaning must be combined with the properties of the imported bearing surface and the Corrosion prevailing conditions. The commonly used methods are solvent cleaning, mechanical cleaning and chemical treatment cleaning.

2. After the surface is dry and cleaned, it can be dried with filtered dry compressed air. Or use a dryer to dry at a temperature of 120 ~ 170 ℃, and then wipe it with clean gauze.

Third, impurities are mixed in the lubricating grease during bearing operation. This impurity may be peeled off by the bearing itself or entered by the outside world. It may be solid or liquid, which will affect the properties of grease.

In addition, you said that the fit is tight and the clearance is small, resulting in oil discoloration. This reasoning should be as follows: tight fit, small working (residual) clearance, increased bearing load area, heating, leading to grease denaturation and grease color change.

When you talk about running circles, first of all, there may be a problem with the coordination of your bearing chamber. Second, the internal clearance is too small and the friction is too large, resulting in running circles. The latter possibility can not be realized by tightening. The more tone, the worse.

Also, you are talking about judging whether the situation is normal according to the color of the grease. It is very difficult to judge this point. Different greases have different internal additives,

different operating conditions and different temperature ranges, so there can be no unified standard. Even for the same grease, the formula may be slightly different due to different batches. Please don’t use this color change as a basis.