Importance Of Koyo Bearing Maintenance
Importance Of Koyo Bearing Maintenance
Maintenance Of Fag Imported Bearings
Maintenance Of Fag Imported Bearings

Causes Of Vibration And Sound Of Skf Bearing

Sound Of Skf Bearing

Many users encounter a lot of Sound Of problems in using SKF bearings. Many problems occur in the use of SKF bearings. Generally, the staff of machinery enterprises understand the knowledge of SKF bearings,

know how to maintain the bearings, and know the Sound Of precautions in the process of using bearings. Some novices don’t understand it, but simply watch the machine run, Today we will introduce a phenomenon that SKF bearings in machinery will vibrate. What is the reason.

1. Vibration behavior in applications

In many applications, SKF Sound Of bearings have the same stiffness as the surrounding structure. Because of this feature, as long as the SKF Bearing (including preload and clearance) and its configuration in application are correctly selected, it is possible to reduce the vibration in application.

2. Waviness of SKF Bearing Components

In the case of close fit between SKF Bearing Ring and SKF bearing seat or transmission shaft, SKF Sound Of Bearing ring may be deformed by matching with the shape of adjacent components.

If deformation occurs, vibration may occur during operation. Therefore, it is important to Sound Of machine the SKF Bearing Pedestal and drive shaft to the required tolerances.

Causes Of Vibration And Sound Of Skf Bearing

3. Excitation caused by the change of the number of loaded rolling elements

When a radial load is loaded on a SKF Bearing, the number of rolling elements bearing the load will change slightly during operation, that is, this causes the offset of the load direction. The resulting vibration is inevitable, but can be reduced by axial preloading, which is applied to all rolling elements (not applicable to cylindrical roller SKF bearings).

4. Local damage

Due to incorrect operation or installation, a small number of SKF bearing raceways and rolling elements may be damaged. During operation, rolling over damaged SKF Bearing components will produce specific vibration Sound Of frequencies. Vibration frequency analysis can identify damaged SKF Bearing components.

Small solutions to SKF Bearing Vibration:

There are three ways to reduce vibration:

1. Remove critical excitation vibration from application;

2. Restraining the critical Sound Of excitation vibration between the excitation part and the resonance part;

3. Change the stiffness of the Sound Of structure, so as to change the critical frequency.

When the fag bearing in the reduction gearbox is lubricated with lubricating oil, it is very suitable, because the oil can simultaneously lubricate the gear and fag bearing in a splash way.

In fag bearings, the lubricating grease is gradually contaminated by the products of product wear, abrasives, products penetrating through the sealing device from the outside and aging itself.

If it is not replaced in time, it will cause accelerated wear of fag bearings. When liquid lubricant is applied, it can be filtered to ensure its normal operation. Advantages of grease lubrication for rolling fag bearings: