Inspection Of Rolling Bearing Marks
Inspection Of Rolling Bearing Marks
Treatment Of High Temperature Phenomenon In Linear Bearing
Treatment Of High Temperature Phenomenon In Linear Bearing

11 Methods Of Bearing Greasiness

The greasiness of the bearing is to enable the bearing to operate or abnormally, prevent the direct contact between the raceway and the surface of the transfer variant, reduce the friction and wear inside the bearing, prolong the service life of the bearing, enhance the performance of the bearing, and prevent rust and degeneration caused by foreign matters invading into the bearing.

11 Methods Of Bearing Greasiness
There are 11 greasing methods for bearings:
01 manual greasy

This is the original method. When the greasy oil of the bearing is insufficient, use the oiler to supply oil. However, this method is difficult to maintain a certain amount of oil, and there is a great risk of forgetting to refuel due to negligence. It is often only used for occasions with light load, low speed or intermittent movement. When holding, set a dust cover or ball valve on the refuelling hole, and use felt, cotton, wool, etc. as a filtering device.

02 drips greasy

It is often used for light load and medium load bearings with circumferential speed less than 4 ~ 5m / s to supply slightly quantitative greasy oil from the container through holes, needles, valves, etc. the classic is the oil dropping cup, and the oil dropping amount changes significantly with the greasy oil viscosity, bearing clearance and oil supply hole position.

03 greasy oil ring

The greasy oil in the oil pool is brought into the bearing by the ring hanging on the shaft and rotating (only for the greasy method of horizontal shaft). It is suitable for medium and high-speed bearings with shaft diameter greater than 50mm. The oil ring is seamless. When the width diameter ratio of the bearing is less than 2, only one oil ring can be used, otherwise two oil rings are required.

04 greasy oil rope

The greasy oil in the oil cup is led into the bearing by the capillary and siphon impregnation of the oil rope. It is used for light load and medium load bearings with a circumferential speed of less than 4 ~ 5m / s. The rest of the oil rope can play a role of filtering impregnation in the whole process.

05 greasy oil pad

The capillary impregnation of the oil pad is used to apply the greasy oil in the oil pool to the surface of the shaft diameter. This method can keep the friction surface clean, but the dust will also suffocate the pores, and the oil supply is insufficient. The greasy oil supply of the oil pad usually needs only 1 / 20 of the greasy oil every day.

06 greasy oil bath

This greasy method is to immerse part of the bearing in greasy oil, which is commonly used for thrust bearing of vertical shaft, but not for radial bearing of horizontal shaft.

07 splash greasy

The greasy oil splashed by the tapping of the rotating parts in the oil tank is supplied to the bearing, which is suitable for bearings with higher speed.

08 spray and smooth

The greasy method of atomizing greasy oil and spraying it on the friction surface in the future is suitable for high-speed bearings.

09 pressure oil supply greasy

Supplying oil to the bearing by the pressure of the greasy pump and recovering the greasy oil from the bearing to the oil pool for recycling is a greasy method with at least and stable oil supply, which is suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty and tight sliding bearings.

10 greasy circulating oil

The filtered oil is delivered to the bearing parts by the oil pump, and the greasy oil after the bearing is filtered and cooled before use. Since the circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat to cool the bearing, this method is suitable for bearing components with high speed.

11 spray greasy

Use the oil pump to shoot the high-pressure oil into the bearing through the nozzle, and the oil injected into the bearing flows into the oil groove through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at a high speed, the transfer transformer and the cage also make the surrounding atmosphere form an air flow at a fairly high rotation speed. It is difficult to send the greasy oil to the bearing with an abnormal greasy method. At this time, the greasy oil must be sprayed into the bearing with a high-pressure injection method, and the position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the cage.